Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to you all!!

This is a picture of my sister's townhouse where we celebrated Christmas -as you can see it was just so hard staying there and enjoying this fabulous life.

I have been sooo busy since I left this idealic scene - for two days Mr FH and I helped Daughter No 2 and her husband shift house - boy was  that hard work. I think we started on the hottest day you could imagine but by the afternoon we just worked inside the 'new' house. Mr FH and our son-in-law got called out to help fight a fire in amongst all the mess we had but fortunately that was under control after a short time. The second day I painted the pantry and linen cupboard before we shifted everything in.
 Thursday was the day I was waiting for - we were off to Perth for New Year and also back to Tiffanys!
The beautiful ring my husband gave me was a little too small and as it had diamonds all around it could not be altered so I had to get another size. I thought I would have it to show but unfortunately the next size has to be ordered in so I have to wait 2 weeks - so I can't let you have a little peep til then.

We had a lovely new year - catching up with Daughter No 1 and her family and also Son No 1 and his gorgeous girlfriend. We are home again now and getting ready for shearing our sheep (about 4000!) so that will keep us busy this week. Tomorrow I am off to help Daughter No 2 strip wallpaper from her bedroom walls.

Hope you love this sunset photo I took on Boxing Day night..
Until next time,


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