Saturday, February 20, 2010


Shhhh...can you keep a secret???
Yesterday I decided I needed to tidy the cupboard where I keep my t-shirts/tank tops etc. It was looking a bit messy after the busy Christmas/holiday season.Well, I was busy folding and stacking, folding and stacking when I suddenly thought what a lot of tops I have (it takes a while to notice these things!)...

As you can see I like my wardrobe to be colour coded for easy access er, diving in to grab something!
So after I had a little pile all neatly stacked I decided to do a quick count......well I got to 77!!!!!
I was so shocked - this is without my shirts which hang in my wardrobe and also my 'farm' clothes I wear everyday.

As you can see this pile isn't quite in order (this was done after the count up!) but I think you get the picture!
They really do make a nice picture with all the colours though don't you think?
So please, if you ever meet Mr FH please don't tell him my secret. I promise not to buy anything new for a while -unless of course it is a bargain too good to refuse!


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Leisa said...

Thanks for your visit over at Eleanor and Ruby - it's always lovely to meet new people!!