Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do you know what this is???

Look what I bought this week. Don’t you just love the gorgeous pale gray colour of this lovely basket.

I already have a cutlery tray and large flower shaped serving dish that will match this.

Mr FH and my mum thought it was really lovely until I turned it around and they saw the other side. Why would I buy a basket with the side missing????

How cool is this???? It is a carry basket for dinner plates. Something to carry your plates out to the alfresco area.

I can’t wait to use this.  Son No1 was telling me it was just a waste of time as I could have the plates carried out in the time it takes to load the basket. I must admit he’s probably right!!! Lol

Having a few problems with my spacing - sorry!!


regan said...

Son No1 obviously doesn't 'get it'! It's not the time it's HOW it gets there that counts!....especially when it's lovely! Heck....if we were worried about saving time, we'd all be eating off of paper plates! (I cringe just thinking about that!) lol

Love your new basket!

The Tablescaper said...

You may be able to carry them out in the same amount of time, but they wouldn't look nearly as good! I have a basket that hold bottles which is similar.

- The Tablescaper