Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cottesloe Beach

This weekend after doing three days of sheep work on the farm, Mr FH and I decided on a quick trip to the beach house. We hadn’t been down for three weeks so were feeling as though we needed a break away. The major job this week was to tidy and mulch the garden. We are so pleased with what we achieved and how tidy it looks after the winter. I also happened to find two gorgeous cushions to  use on my adirondak chairs. In the summer the chairs are out by the pool but for the winter they are still under cover in the patio. These cushions show the famous beaches here in Australia. Ours in Western Australia are Cottesloe beach (in the city) and also Cable beach which is at Broome in our northern part of the state. I have been to Cottesloe many times but not for a while now (too many gorgeous young girls down there in bikinis for me!!). It also has a famous pub across the road from the beach, called the Ocean Beach Hotel, which is a favourite hangout for the young ones. I think I’ll be happy sitting by my pool with my gorgeous cushions as this year we have had a few fatalities on our beaches from shark attacks. Good enough reason for me to stay by the pool.
It looks like I need to get the ladder and straighten some of my paper lanterns up after the winter winds!
As you can see, we did get the garden mulched but ran out of time to clean the pool!! 


Pat said...

Loving your pool area with all the plants. The pillows are just perfect! I am your newest follower, as I hate to see winter come, so I will live vicariously thru you and your spring and summer!Thanks!

Marilyn said...

The pool looks so refreshing to me. On your pillow I see"NOOSA"--it made me think of a new yogurt here that is called Noosa and they say the recipe come from Australia.♥♫

Vee said...

What a pleasant summer home...there'll be time before summer comes to get that pool into'll need it then for sure.

Lorrie said...

What a beautiful place - I love the pool and garden. Just think, you're getting ready for summer while we're thinking of autumn.

Chenille Cottage said...

Such a peaceful setting...and, oh, how I love the red and blue!
Beachy blessings,