Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out and about on the farm

Yesterday I had to help Mr FH with some sheep work in the sheep yards - thankfully the weather seems to have turned towards Autumn so it really was quite pleasant. We don't normally have lambs to mark at this time of year but as fat lambs are worth so much this year we decided to go ahead and have an extra 'drop'.

We had about 150 lambs to tail and mark their ears - not a huge amount as we usually have about 2000 but they were very fat and very heavy ( and Mr FH and I are getting a bit older!!).

How is this for a cute little face????

Perhaps I should have washed his face before the photo shoot...

I' m thinking that I really should take my camera out and about on the farm more often so I can show you more of life on a farm in Australia.... 


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