Thursday, May 12, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

My life seems to be getting busier and busier lately - or maybe I'm just getting slower!! I'm back at work now - the school holidays are over, worse luck! We are desperately waiting for rain to start our cropping programme. Our sheep are lambing at the moment and are really looking for some nice green feed but all we seem to have right now is a dust bowl. Fingers crossed for the next few weeks. We have had DNo 1 and her two little boys staying with us for 4 days as her husband had to fly inter-state on business - that was so much fun......lots of morning cuddles in bed with Nanny and Boppy!! We were also having some repairs to our house (before it falls down!!! LOL) and decided to have the house painted while we were on a roll. It looks really great now but unfortunately painters aren't very kind to gardens. So not only has our poor garden suffered from the hottest, driest summer ever the painters have now walked over anything that had survived! So lots of gardening to do also I need to clean all my porch furniture and spruce that up a bit.

I had planned on setting a different table for todays tablescape but ran out of time. Luckily I had a couple of 'tables' spare so I will share one of those. Enjoy!!!



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