Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't you just love these perfect little hands???? They belong to my darling little grandson who is now 9 months old - he is just growing too fast for my liking!!! I went to Perth last Wednesday to look after him while my DN1 went to work - what a fabulous day we had....cuddling, smooching, reading stories, playing with his toys, a bit more smooching..... mind you I had my work cut out trying to take this photo!!!
I then spent Thursday and Friday doing my Xmas shopping - boy, do I lurve Xmas. I have nearly completed all the buying now it's just wrapping and of course the cooking, later.
I belong to a local craft group and we have our Christmas party coming up soon - each year we have a challenge to make something for the next years celebration, well, as usual I am just getting mine sorted now. Better late than never!! I have a great idea so will share it with you when I have it completed - I hope it works out as planned as I am going to give it to my MUM for Xmas. xx
I purchased everything for our Christmas table in Perth - all black and silver this year so how dramatic will that be - I  will take photos to share.
Talk to you soon,

This photo was taken at a local shopping centre - how cool!!

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