Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Care for a cuppa???

Wow, Tuesday again!! I've hardly had time to draw breath this week... Mr FH and I are making a weekly trip down to our new house trying to get that set up for us to 'live in' parttime.  Sooo much fun but I am getting a little tired. It is a 3 hour drive each way. Last weekend we took our new outdoor setting down - my fabulous sister was able to get it cost price for me through her shop - yay aren't sisters great!!  I've been at work yesterday and today so now I feel I can slow down a little.

I have some pretty photos I took on my recent trip to Kalgoorlie to share with you - more mouthwatering teacups just waiting to join a tea party!!! No better day in blogland than Tuesday for all our china to come out!!

This gorgeous sunny yellow china really caught my eye - I really don't have much in the way of yellow - maybe it's time to start another collection!!

Ah ha - this is more like me - lots of pink and lots of flowers!!! I love this dainty little floral teapot in the front - just the right size for a single cup - just too cute!!

How beautiful would this look on a lovely spring table - we are having a very dull wintery day here today but I think this teapot could really lift my spirits!

I know there are lots of rooster lovers around blogland who would love this cute range. The heart shaped dish on the lower level is gorgeous.

How's this for a wonderful white serving dish??? (I have just noticed the plate stand in the front - sorry!). I also love the grey rooster at the back.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and be sure to visit some of the great tea parties.



Patti said...

It's always strange to realize that when we in the Northern hemisphere are in the midst of summer, those in the Southern hemisphere are experiencing winter. It seems that our winter was endless this year, and, in fact, that it's only been warm for about 2 weeks now.

Anyhow, yellow, of course, is such a sunny color, and since I thrive on sunshine (and why I struggle with winter), I'm with ya on starting a new collection.

The tiered serving tray is exquisite.

Thank you for sharing.

Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Suzy,
Thanks for joining me for Tea Time. All those dishes are so pretty but I have to say the second photo of china is what really took my eye; gorgeous! Love those colours and the polka dots are so sweet. But I'm lovin the roosters too and of course, white is always right. Thanks for sharing and have yourself a wonderful day.


Heloisa de Mesquita Inoue said...

Nossa! Cada coisa mais linda que a outra! Meus parabéns! Seu blog é um amor!

Pellie / Penny said...

Thank for showing all your beautiful items.
I really like all the sunny yellow things - I may have to start some sort of yellow collection myself.
Thanks for sharing,

Needles Everywhere said...

Oh that yellow set is just beautiful (and I'm not a huge fan of yellow). It's all just great. I hear ya about those long drives - 6 hours a week in the car is a little much for me, too. Try books on tape!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, your photos are so pretty. LOVE those yellow teacups and pieces. How bright and cheerful they are. AND the roosters caught my eye...I'm a huge fan of them. My kitchen almost crows when I walk in...I have ALOT of roosters and chickens there!
Loved visiting with you today. "Cuppa" is such a British term so I knew you were kin. My ancestory is Cornwall England with alot of relatives living in Australia.
Nice to meet you and have a lovely week.

Unknown said...

Ah...so pretty! I don't have any yellow tea pieces either but think I may need to rethink that. I am seeing so many lovely yellow pieces today :)


Terri said...

Look at all your beautiful china photos! Yellow seems to be in today. Such a lovely set.
Thank you for taking us along on your shopping trip.
Take good care of yourself during this busy time.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What lovely dishes and tea cups and everything that you showed us here today!!!
I love those yellow dishes too and that cake server is to die for!!
Have a great day!!

Snap said...

What fun! A great collection of goodies to tempt us with!

Beth said...

Suzy, Your blog header is beautiful! Love the yellow china and the tiered server. Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Jocelyn said...

What beautiful tea servings. Very lovely china.


Appleshoe said...

Hello- I'm loving all the yellow dishes I've been seeing this Teacup Tuesday. Everything here is so pretty. I only wish I had room for more dishes :) Stay warm and take care.

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: What great pictures. I just love those yellow dishes. Everyone has shared yellow dishes this week. I did not get the memo, but I am so glad you shared these. Thank you for always sharing such wonderful tea cups with us. I always look forward to what you are going to do. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha