Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hi, everyone!! A Happy Thanksgiving to all you bloggers in the other part of the world!! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families and friends.  Here in Australia we are flat out getting the harvest off. This is our really busy time on the farm so with Christmas sneaking up on us it really is very hectic.
A few weeks ago I went to a Spring Festival with some friends of mine - it was in a nearby town - there were street parades, market stalls and gorgeous, gorgeous open gardens. I have some photos to share - I wish I could say they are my garden but no, they are from  the garden of a very dear friend of mine. Each year her garden just gets bigger and bigger- this year she has added the deck area to one side of her house - it just reminds me of a resort!!

How about a quiet cuppa sitting here????

I just love this gardens - it is really made to withstand the harsh Aussie sun but still looks beautiful!

Everywhere you look there are just the most amazing garden beds choc full of beautiful flowers.

What a gorgeous outdoor area to just sit back and enjoy.....

Time to go and water my garden as we have had a really hot day here - I think I will be doing that with a cold beer in my hand!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't you just love these perfect little hands???? They belong to my darling little grandson who is now 9 months old - he is just growing too fast for my liking!!! I went to Perth last Wednesday to look after him while my DN1 went to work - what a fabulous day we had....cuddling, smooching, reading stories, playing with his toys, a bit more smooching..... mind you I had my work cut out trying to take this photo!!!
I then spent Thursday and Friday doing my Xmas shopping - boy, do I lurve Xmas. I have nearly completed all the buying now it's just wrapping and of course the cooking, later.
I belong to a local craft group and we have our Christmas party coming up soon - each year we have a challenge to make something for the next years celebration, well, as usual I am just getting mine sorted now. Better late than never!! I have a great idea so will share it with you when I have it completed - I hope it works out as planned as I am going to give it to my MUM for Xmas. xx
I purchased everything for our Christmas table in Perth - all black and silver this year so how dramatic will that be - I  will take photos to share.
Talk to you soon,

This photo was taken at a local shopping centre - how cool!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Just a quick post to show you my table for a quick Saturday night dinner with plans to go Christmas shopping were changed so thought I would fiddle a bit with this..

It is quite a hot night so I didn't want anything to tizzy - white is just so beautiful for any type of entertaining, don't you think??

If you look really carefully you will see a lone salt shaker.. I knocked the matching pepper shaker out while I was decorating.. they were a lovely little set by Marie Claire - I will be on the look out for some newies - hope no one needs pepper!!
Must go and make sure the champers is cold...


Friday, November 13, 2009


Hello, finally I have my computer up and running - actually my internet connection has been playing up - like non existant!! How frustrating. Never mind it's working now so that's great.
Tomorrow I am off to Perth to start my Christmas shopping!! Yay, I am so looking forward to it. I just lurve everything about Christmas (except the extra kilos)from the shopping, to the cooking, to the eating, to the spending time with family, to the wonderful feel of the festive season.
I have a new grandson this year so that will be sooo much fun buying gifts for him - I also have a new little grandchild on the way...maybe a girl this time..
Last night we had the most amazing storm here on the farm - heavy rain as well as thunder and lightening - my husband and I were coming home from a nearby town and it was soo scary - it didn't seem nearly as bad when I was safely inside. Not what we need right now as we are just starting to harvest our crops but this is something we can't control.
At the school were I work we are getting ready for the final graduation night with our annual school play. This year we are presenting Charlotte's Web which is just so cute for the little kids.
Until next time,