Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Ben

Today I was walking past a little shop when I spied this beauty inside!! A fabulous big clock!!!! I thought it would be ideal for a little area at the base of my stairs but it was way too big for that so after a bit of fluffy around with Mr FH holding the clock up  against the wall in various locations I decided to hang it on the wall in our dining area. When we first bought the beach house (2 1/2 yrs ago) I framed these gorgeous prints from a calendar and hung them there as we had too many other things that we needed to buy before we could get to the tizzy bits!! I really liked them so they remained until today!  I decided they would move to the base of the stairs but in moving them I smashed the glass in one so I need to have that replaced before I can show you!
This is what the dining room wall looked like…
Now this is what it looks like….
Not sure that Mr FH was that crazy about it until our son and his fiancĂ© came to stay and they loved it so I think that convinced him it was ok.  You can still see the hangers from the prints still on the wall near the clock…I was a bit excited about photographing my new favourite thing!!! I have since removed them and touched up the paint!
This gorgeous new lamp was a gift from a friend at Christmas. Just perfect!
This is our last week at the beach house. It’s going to be hard to go home to the farm after 6 weeks. We will still spend most weekends here for the rest of the summer though. Back to work next Tuesday!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update at the beach house

I have been really loving the beautiful houses I see in blogland with a more neutral decor. I decided to take down the print I had on the wall in the living area at the beach house and try something new. I brought a large mirror from the living area at the farmhouse down to the beach house to try but it was a little too much the same colour as the walls. I could have painted it but deep down I really liked it at the farm house so back it went. (I seem to be forever taking things back and forward much to Mr FH disbelief!!). Mr FH had given me this pine mirror years ago for Christmas and I really didn’t have a home for it so I hung it in our city unit (much to SNo 1’s disgust as he didn’t like it!!) and decided to bring it back and try a little paint on it. Got that?? Yeah, I know a bit confusing with all this swapping and changing.
Well, it started out ok. I taped it all and started to paint it a basic off white colour. Not what I wanted. In fact I didn’t even get a photo. Next I thought I would add some stain but somehow it just looked terrible!! You will agree when you see the photo!! So I quickly jumped in my car and raced to the hardware store and picked up a tin of spray paint. I couldn’t cover it all quick enough!. I am quite happy with the new look. It certainly looks better than all the other options. I have just arrived back from the farm so I had to take a few quick snaps and it looks like I nearly jagged the ‘blue hour’.
I couldn’t get a decent photo of the whole room in the dull light so at the moment this will have to do. I really don’t know how these bloggers who paint their furniture all the time make it sound so easy!! Obviously I just don’t have that skill.


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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Candy cane hearts

When Mr FH & I travel home to our farm we pass through a little town that sells the best gerberas in their craft shop.  Apparently a local farmer grew them for a couple of supermarket chains who later found another source to supply them so he has kept growing them and now donates them to the craft store. The lady at the store has them by the bucket full and customers can take as many as they want for a donation to the Cancer Council ( an organisation that is very dear to my heart).  She has raised a lot of money over the last three years. I picked up a bunch of red and white flowers last week when I went home and this evening decided they would be perfect for a Valentine’s table. (I was trying to get away from the Christmas colours but the flowers were too beautiful not to use!)
I used my leftover candy canes (which I purchased at Red Dot which is like the Dollar Tree, I think!!) to make the striped hearts at each setting. I only have white dinnerware here at the beach house so I just worked with what I had. I am proud to say I didn’t purchase anything new for this table!!!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Look what I have been doing!!

This is what I have been doing this week……except for a visit to the dentist I have been just kicking back and enjoying the lovely weather we are having at the moment.
page 2a
Such a shame that holidays come to an end but we’re not quite there yet so I’m making the most of this life!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cool Blue

We are still experiencing terrible hot weather here – thankfully we have air conditioning and a pool and the beach nearby so it is bearable!! The farmhouse is a little different….no beach, no pool and air conditioning but not right through the house so our trip home to check on things and do a few chores was a little hard to take! I did manage to finish off some office work and get rid of an amazing number of spider webs which have just appeared in two weeks! We are back at the beachhouse now so I thought I would share this simple ‘hot day’ table I set the other day. I thought the simple blue and white table with no cloth and simple centrepiece was the ‘coolest’ thing I could do.
Mr FH and I are here at the farmhouse by ourselves this’s so quiet without our families all here with us but I must admit I will be looking forward to them coming to visit again soon.
I bought these placemats off ebay ages ago. They are just so not me!!!  I think they were the first things I ever won and I was so excited but when they arrived I nearly died! They have been stashed away in the cupboard ever since!! The seem to be just right for a table to make us feel cool.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Santa’s still here!!

Last night Mr FH and I went to see the final of the Hopman Cup. This is a fabulous tennis tournament that has been held for 25 years in our capital city. We have been before but never to the final……it was fabulous. Serbia were playing Spain. I thought to start with I would be cheering for Serbia but changed my mind as the gorgeous Annabel Medina Greggoria (think that’s how it spelt!) played her heart out and won the singles against Ana Ivanavic. It is a great concept – men’s and ladies singles then mixed doubles. Last nights final came down to the mixed doubles and the underdogs –Spain- came out winners. It was held in our new arena in the centre of the city which was about 1 hours drive from the beach house.  As you can see there was a large crowd….even Santa who happened to be sitting right in front of us! I’m sure he was just about melting as it was just so hot there before it cooled off in the evening. I must admit he was a great landmark when we needed to find our seats again!
Sorry I haven’t posted much – I have been blog hopping to see what’s going on….just lots of relaxing, swimming, reading and eating here!!