Monday, February 25, 2013

Diamonds in the Dust

I am just so proud of my daughter. Let me start at the beginning. D No 2 rang me about eight weeks ago to ask if I could help her with a ‘ladies night’ she was planning. She had come up with the idea of holding a dinner for the ladies of the district. You see, there has been a lot of funding available for ‘men’s health’ functions as the farming communities  of Australia battle with greater outputs than inputs, putting a huge amount of pressure on farming families.Depression and suicide sadly are very real and common within the farming communities. My daughter thought that the women supporting the farmers needed some TLC. She managed to obtain funding from the onelife foundation which covered a guest speaker and some entertainment for the night. Each woman paid$50 for the night and this included a wonderful 3 course meal and a chance to win two beautiful diamonds. Her theme for the night was ‘Diamonds in the Dust’. As you can imagine, I charged in flat out. I made a chalkboard (thanks to Dear Lillie for the tutorial)  and  had this displayed behind the guest speaker. We had an absolute ball discussing decorating ideas and the whole night was a wonderful success. She was hoping to have about 40-50 ladies and we ended up with 115 and had to turn down another 16 as we were full. Not a bad effort for just a few weeks work. We went with the silver and white theme for the Diamonds and we even had red carpet for the ladies to walk along when they entered. (Sorry no photo of that!). We had 15 tables to decorate so they were all slightly different but all with the silver/white theme. I have a bit of photo overload so I hope you don’t mind.
We are already thinking of new ideas for next year if we are able to obtain some funding – maybe a long table luncheon!! What a wonderful daughter I have!!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Re-post of my white and silver

This week I am sharing one of my favourite tables with you…… is just so simple with a combination of white and silver. This was posted when I first started my blog. Mr FH and I have been away with friends for the weekend and we also attended the funeral of a dear friend today so I really didn’t have anything new to share. This week I am helping DNo2 to decorate for a ladies evening called..Diamonds in the Dust. I’m hoping that next week I’ll have some awesome photos to share with you.
How is it that life just seems to get busier and busier!! I have had such a busy week - my gorgeous son is recovering from his surgery really well so that is making me feel a lot better. I have had a couple of trips to see him and that is a 3hr drive each way! We have also celebrated our grandson's birthday and I have worked at school and also worked for my sister at her nursery!!!  I'm too old for this!!Today I worked at my 'real' job at school and tomorrow I am back at the nursery/coffee shop for two days. Somehow in between I managed to get a tablescape together ready for Tablescape Thursday with Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch. Amazing what you can do when it's something you really love!!

I decided to do a really elegant table this week in just silver and white... I had these gorgeous candles tucked away for sometime but I wasn't sure how to use them. It was a really balmy night here on the farm so I took everything outside to the pergola and just played around!

This is my everyday white china and I really love the embossed fruit around the edge. The silver chargers I bought for half price just before Christmas (my first set of chargers as we don't really use them here in Australia!!). I had bought these gorgeous white linen placemats recently at the Spotlight sale so thought they would be perfect - and they were!!

I love this little bit of extra stitching in the corner and the cutwork border - so simple!

These white candles I have had for a while - they are candles right to the base - how cool is that! Somehow they are not quite straight so I was a bit unsure of how to use them but I had these clear glass vases (leftover from DNo 1's wedding!) so popped the candles inside. I had to secure them with a little bit of blu-tak to stop them wobbling but I still wasn't sure they were right.  When I looked in my cupboard I saw some glitter I knew that's what they needed. I sprinkled them with silver glitter so they didn't look so bare.

I used the silver beads from the Christmas tree and laid them along the length of the table to add a bit of shine. These individual tea-light holders were from another wedding we attended and I just replaced the mulberry paper around the edge with plain white and they fitted right in!

I used plain white linen napkins but they looked a bit 'white' so I added a small silver paper napkin to the outside and secured them with plain white holders.

As the sun went down the silver started to really shine (probably cos I'd just cleaned it a few weeks ago!) and the table was looking very romantic.

How gorgeous are these candles??? I can't wait until they start to burn right down - I think they will look really wonderful when they are very low in the vases.

As you can see I added  a simple vase of white petunias and my vintage silver salt and pepper shakers.

Hope you like my elegant white table...


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Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday celebrations

It was my birthday on Saturday! Not a milestone but a very special birthday anyway. My mum had celebrated her birthday two days before mine so my sister arranged for all of the girls in our family to join for a high tea on Saturday afternoon. Those of us from the country travelled to our capital city for the weekend. It was extremely hot on Saturday but the lovely old house where we went was close to the river. We had so much fun. Lots and lots of noise (we are all very bubbly and talk lots!!) and lots of laughter filled the room.The table was set with Old Country Roses china (the holiday version, which I don’t have) and it looked just lovely when we walked in. Such a lovely way to share a birthday.
I am so in love with the beautiful table we sat at…….check out that wonderful patina! If I could have fitted one in my bag I would have brought one home with me!!!!
I had such a wonderful weekend which sadly ended when I received a message from a dear friend whose husband passed away suddenly on Sunday morning. Makes these family days all the more special.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Table for two!!

Well, the world seems to be filled with pink and red at the moment so I thought I would join the Valentine train! Finally, I have found some lovely red and white spotted plates. I love them and I’m sure they will be used over and over. I set up a small table for two and covered it with a white cloth. After setting everything up I thought the table still looked like it needed ‘something’. I finally decided to add a piece of red and white toile fabric to one corner. To me, toile is such a romantic fabric so it fitted in just right. Everything else was found around the farm house as I am now home from holidays. Work tomorrow!!! Not sure how I’ll make it through the whole day without a nanna nap though!
Happy Monday!!

PS I've had a few people enquire where I purchased this gorgeous spotty dinnerware...I bought the dinner plate and salad plate from our main supermarket, Woolworths, here in Australia and the dessert plate (Maxwell & Williams) is part of a set I have had for a while.
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