Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Colours

We are having the most lovely weather at the moment – warm days but wonderful crisp mornings – don’t forget I am in Australia and we are heading towards winter!!
What better than to set a table, pretty with Easter colours, out in the garden. Usually at this time of the year my garden is very parched and thirsty looking but because we have had such amazing summer rains everything is green. Especially the weeds!!!
Well, I guess you can’t win them all.
Nothing says Easter like pink and yellow!! I have used these colours together at my sister’s gift shop and people are amazed that I have put them together. I think they are just gorgeous.
How gorgeous do those colours look with the sun shining on them???
My overgrown creeper on the fence behind is such a healthy green against the sherbet colours on the table.
Even my faded cushions from my sunroom look great on this old outdoor setting I picked up from the side of the road (much to my son’s disgust!)
I have used my pink polka dot flatware (I love that stuff!) and also a white set. Pink napkins I have had for a while but the yellow ones I found thrifting last year.
Now you can see what I mean about my overgrown creeper!!! Better than a dead creeper though! I love the way the rust is showing through the paint on the chairs (actually they are really rusty and I wouldn’t sit on them).
The flowers are off the bookcase in my familyroom so I just added a few little yellow heads to the arrangement.
More faded cushions but I do love those colours.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To be sure, to be sure

How did your St Pat’s Day turn out?? Mr FH and I went walking on Saturday afternoon past our local Irish pub…..let’s just say a great time was had by all.  It was only 3pm so I’m sure by midnight the place was really rocking.
This week’s table started when I purchased these great chevron patterned placemats recently – just the right thing for a St Pat’s Day table.
Gold coins in gold spray painted flower pots along with gold candles, moss rocks and some fresh ivy made a simple centrepiece.
I do think I did have a visit from a leprechaun though!  I had some cream damask napkins all prepared for the table and it wasn’t until I looked back at the photos when I noticed they weren’t on the table. Maybe a little bit of Irish fun…

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Heat of the Moment!!

We are coming to the end of summer – I’m ready for some cooler autumn weather but we’ve had some really hot days just to finish off. I realised just how hot when I saw my beautiful 3 year old grandson doing a spot of painting the other day.

photo 3a

Doesn’t this just make you smile???


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Saturday, March 17, 2012


I’ve been thinking about updating my bedroom and have found some really beautiful ones that I love. My mind is really confused now!!!









Aren’t these just so beautiful and restful??

I now realise from this little exercise that I am heading towards some lovely neutral colours. Far different from the hot pink feature wall I have in my bedroom now!!




Monday, March 12, 2012

His ‘n’ Hers

breakfast ab
As Mr FH and I celebrated our anniversary this last week I thought I would set a lovely his ‘n’ hers breakfast tray. I had just purchased these lovely little bowls (one pink, one green) and these great coffee mugs to match so that was the start of the tray.
I have two of these lovely white trays – this is the bigger one and just perfect to hold breakfast essentials for two. I love the size of the cups – I like my first cuppa in the morning to be nice and big so these are ideal.
I had forgotten I had these butterfly plates until I was just about to get my camera and they were a match made in heaven!!! lol
My favourite all time flatware… the pink polka dots came out once again. I would love to find these in others colours but I am yet to see any. Do you notice the napkins….yes, they are paper but that’s not what I want to show you. They are identical patterns but one pack has a white background and the other has a pale green background.
Heart shaped sugars are just gorgeous. I am so grateful none of my friends (or husband) take sugar as I can re-use these over and over!!
You can see the colours of the napkins here. After a couple of months of re-posting tablescapes and using some from the gift shop I had so much fun putting this together. I had forgotten just how much I enjoy it.
This very old shaggy quilt I had made is just the right colours for this little breakfast.
Breakfast is served!!! I have used a pretty white paper (yes, paper again!) doyley on the tray and it was the perfect fit. I actually thought I had the perfect pale green flatware but when I put it all together it turned a very blue colour. Funny how that happens.
I’m not sure if candles on a breakfast tray are acceptable but I just had to include this one – the perfect heart shape!
What a great way to start the day.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just kicking back

Can you guess what I’m doing????

This week Mr FH and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary (yes, I had an arranged wedding and I was only 4!! lol) so while we were in Perth we had a 2 hour yacht cruise to celebrate.
This is a famous fish and chips restaurant – can you see the fine fishing lines across the top to try to stop the seagulls pinching your chips!!
We made our way to the Port of Fremantle and boarded the yacht with about 8 other couples. What a great night it turned out to be – at one stage it got a bit rough and I thought maybe the kids were trying to get rid of us both but other than getting a little wet all was smooth sailing!!
Sunset with a glass of champagne was just wonderful!!
A one stage we were leaning over a fair way – but not enough to spill the champers!!
Heading home again. We had a beautiful full moon which made the reflections really gorgeous. Such a great way to spend an evening.
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