Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photography Classes!

I'm still doing my photography classes and each week I need to take photos to edit so this week I took along these photos I had taken of a tablescape (no-one else had photos like this, I think they all thought I was mad!).

I seem to be leaning towards red lately - maybe beacause I'm decorating with red at my beach house but this week I bought this gorgeous bunch of red roses for $5.00 (late on a Saturday afternoon just before the shop closed) so that was the start of my table.

I love this gorgeous blue and white china (it's called Calico). I had been collecting it for a while when a lady who owns a local giftware shop was selling all her china at a reduced rate so I was able to buy heaps more - how lucky was that!

This is another of my cloths I use at the giftshop. As white china is so fashionable at the moment I need lovely cloths to build up the displays. 

I just love flowers in a teapot. I have a couple of old enamel ones which look great with daisies in them.

This gorgeous cheese dome was one of the pieces I bought for 50% off - what a bargain.

Mr FH and I had a quick trip to the city this week. We went to see Neil Diamond (yes, I know I'm showing my age!), got the car serviced, had a facial and a haircut and had luch with the kids all in 24 hours. How's that for a rushed trip!!

Have a lovely week!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Noodle Boxes

I recently found these gorgeous pink and brown noodle boxes (or party favour boxes) and straight away I thought they would make a very pretty table.

My arrangement of pretty pink flowers that sit on the book shelf in my family room which you can see here were just perfect for the table centrepiece.

I have used one of the tablecloths I have for my table displays at my sister's shop.

The brown dinnerset was our wedding dinnerset and it has been sitting in  the cupboard for the last few years when brown was not 'in'! I love to use it now matched with different colours.

Pink candles in the little bird cage are one end and the other end has two pretty lacy tealight candle holders ready to use.

I used my faithful old pink napkins but I have placed them in the napkin rings with a caramel coloured one as well. I'm really liking two napkins together lately!

Gorgeous pink sundae cups are waiting to be filled with Eaton Mess - the yummiest dessert ever. Layers of meringue, cream and berries - just devine!

I love this flat with the pink spots - I would love it in other colours - maybe red or yellow...

I can't remember where it purchased the pink salad plates or even when - I don't like this getting old very much!!

I'm not sute how the flatware came to look two different colours in this picture - it must have been the light somehow.

These little boxes are just so pretty - how nice to use them to leave a little gift for your dinner guests.


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Monday, March 21, 2011

Breakfast table in red!

I thought it was time to make a little breakfast table. This week I decided to share this pretty china mug with you so the tray table was set around that.

Lovely white china with a red rim was set up on a pretty white scalloped doiley.

I took the pretty pink quilts off my bed to reveal the lovely white spread and used that as a backdrop for my tray table.

I made a cute little tag for my teabag - I dislike the ones that come in the pack. I don't know why they aren't made out of pretty papers.

I had these cushions on another chair and 'borrowed' them for my tablescape. This lovely strawberry napkin is really fine - just like tissue paper and I received them from a friend for my birthday a couple of years ago. 

Yum, hot buttered toast!

I know this beautiful pearl handled knife is not really for buttering toast but it was too pretty not to use.

Apple and strawberry jam in a small bowl and the only flower I could find in the garden sitting in a little port glass.


Don't you love a simple little breakfast.



Monday, March 14, 2011

The Luck of the Irish

This week I decided to join the Irish and set a 'green' table! I had this lovely white geranium in a terracotta pot so thought that would be nice for the centrepiece.

I really liked the look of the timber table, rustic chargers and the terracotta. I started with these pale green candles I had placed in small terracotta pots along with a crisp white linen napkins but after I uploaded the photos I thought they looked way too pale so I reset the table and used pink flower candles instead. Much better! 

I used a hand painted terracotta platter to hold the coffee pot and cups.

After I had looked at these photos on my computer I was amazed to see that I had captured the 'blue hour' in the window in the backgroud! That's the first time I have been able to do that and I hadn't realised!!

I also realised I had forgotten to add the green stemmed wine glasses to the first table. Maybe I should have two goes at setting a table each week!!



Monday, March 7, 2011

Pink Wicker Basket

I have just bought this beautiful little teaset on the weekend for little Miss L's birthday. She is only turning one in April so I will keep it for another year but I couldn't resist it buying it ready for her 2nd birthday. I really adore the little pink wicker basket it comes in.

Aren't the polka dots just perfect?? I would love to buy some china with gorgeous polka dots on like this.
I'm sure we will enjoy many a tea party together with this fabulous set.