Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Tablescape

As Easter is really just around the corner I thought I would make a little Easter table. Most of you are welcoming spring so your tables are in such beautiful 'springy' colours but here at the farm house we are preparing for autumn. The mornings have certainly changed - they are so lovely and crisp - such a change from the heat we experienced this last summer.
I have already showed you my table piece made from beautiful little painted pink eggs so I thought to save time I would use that.

I started with a pink and white check cloth (this is one I use when I do the decorating at my sister's gift shop).

I had a bag of this gorgeous pink shredded paper which I placed down the centre of the table..


I used my wedding china ( this is really old - I mean like 33 years old!) as I love pink and brown together and as we are heading towards autumn I thought  would use my old dinnerset.    

Once again I have used my favourite pink polka dot flatware and I have matched it with baby pink napkins.


I just love these eggs (DNo 1 has managed to get me the blue and green sets and they were 50% off today!)


Anyone for coffee?? These cups look black in the photo but they really are dark brown.


These cute tealight candle holders I have had for quite some time and DNo 1 gave me the matching tray for my birthday a couple of years ago.



How come candle light makes everything look so special?? If I had my way I would live by candlelight but I would still have to have power for everything else - especially my computer!!

Have a safe and happy Easter everyone!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pink Easter Eggs

This week I went to Perth to see 'Chicago' at the theatre with my Mum, my sister and my two daughters- it was really fabulous. I stayed an extra couple of days so I could catch up with my littlegrandson.  While shopping I came across some packs of cute painted Easter Eggs. As they were 30% off I purchased the pink but my daughter is going back to the store to get me the blue and green as well. I am going to use them for Easter but also for a baby shower I am holding for DNo 2. Today I took some snaps of them on my kitchen table - I just love the colour so much.

I am joining Mosaic Monday with these. Have a happy week....


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just a bunch..

On the weekend I was in Perth so I picked myself up a bunch of flowers - there is nothing like fresh flowers to brighten your day....

The colour was the main drawcard for this bunch...I have never seen anything quite like them. The tag told me they were Celosia Brain!!! Have you ever heard of a pretty pink flower with a name like that!!
The heads were packed with these lovely ruffles 'petals'. They actually looked a bit like velvet.

I love this picture of the flower just as it is opening up. I don't think I have ever seen anything so unusual. I am joining Outdoor Wednesday tomorrow (I am guessing these flowers were grown outdoors!!)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coffee Anyone??

Today is such a beautiful day outside I thought I would take a little bit of 'me' time and sit outside with a coffee. I have this really old table and chairs in my garden (which a creeper is starting to grow over!) so thought I would sit there with a cuppa and a magazine.

I love the way the paint is starting to lift on this old table..

My coffee mug is by Maxwell & Williams and comes in many different colours. The side plate is Royal Albert - Sweet Violets and was a gift from a family friend many years ago. The napkin was simply a piece of patchwork fabric I had in my stash - what a perfect match!

This little jug is also Maxwell & Williams and holds a little bunch of Statice from my garden. Now the weather has cooled down I am starting to get the urge to get out there and start planting my bulbs for spring.

This is my favourite magazine "Country Home Ideas". This really has some of Australia's most gorgeous homes in it. (This is an old issue but I used it because it matched!!) I find I am forever looking at old issues as I am always looking for different ideas for different rooms - I do have my favourites though!

If you happen to be driving by the farm gate please call in and join me in some fruit cake..


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out and about on the farm

Yesterday I had to help Mr FH with some sheep work in the sheep yards - thankfully the weather seems to have turned towards Autumn so it really was quite pleasant. We don't normally have lambs to mark at this time of year but as fat lambs are worth so much this year we decided to go ahead and have an extra 'drop'.

We had about 150 lambs to tail and mark their ears - not a huge amount as we usually have about 2000 but they were very fat and very heavy ( and Mr FH and I are getting a bit older!!).

How is this for a cute little face????

Perhaps I should have washed his face before the photo shoot...

I' m thinking that I really should take my camera out and about on the farm more often so I can show you more of life on a farm in Australia.... 


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Once again I have been playing around with mosaic (don't you just love them too!) and I have put together some pics of a beautiful garden centre and coffee shop that I visited near Adelaide when I was on my holiday in January.

It was just so gorgeous - the pink Lisianthus on the left were my favourite by far. I wish my garden looked just a little like this.

I hope you enjoy coming for a wander through this beautiful garden with me...


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mosaics at the gift shop

Hello to you all! Today we have had a few drops of rain and everything looks so bright and clean. I am hoping we have had the last of summer here as the last few months have been very hot. The mornings are feeling a little crisper so that's a good sign autumn is not far away - thank goodness!!
I have some more  pics to show you of my sister's shop. I will be popping over to The Little Red House tomorrow for Mosaic Monday.

This is the display I did for the wondow - I used a piece of yellow hessian (burlap to most of you) to start with and then added all the browns, yellows and greens that would match. I just love the china in the front - it is white with 4 yellow bands around it. This gorgeous tableware also came in the red and blue colour ways but sadly the company has decided to cease producing tableware - what a shame.

I found this great old suitcase in my mum's back shed - there were 4 in different sizes but somehow my sister took possession of one! I am tempted to paint them white but I am afraid I might regret that in years to come.

I love the cushions in the background of this photo - they have a great big leaf pattern in urky green and taupe on white - definitely not my 'normal' colours but they look fabulous.

This gorgeous green serving dish was a much nicer green than the photo shows - I love the trio of tealight holders in the green.

I should be back working at the gift shop again soon as the  goodies my sister ordered at the gift fair will be arriving soon - can't wait, it's so much fun!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Wasting time

Do you ever have days when you just waste time??? Today is one of those days. I haven't even made the bed yet! I have been playing around with some mosaics on a computer program I downloaded - far more fun than vacuuming and washing floors. Somehow I put these gorgeous photos together from my friend's garden - don't they make you want to get out there and dig.......


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

White sand

I have been scrolling through some photos I have on my computer and came across these gorgeous ones from a holiday Mr FH and I took a while ago. This is from along our southern coast line just near a large town called Esperance.

Esperance is about a 6 hour drive from the farm (that makes it about 9 hours from our capital city) but was well worth!! The beaches were unbelievable..

I have never seen such white, white sand and such blue water. We were told the sand is so white that it squeaks when you walk on it and guess what, it does!! It is amazing.

I'm sure it is the fact that this area is so remote that has kept it so beautiful.

There are many islands just off the coast that can be seen from the beaches.

This was one of best holidays we have had even though it was only for a few days.



Sunday, March 7, 2010

Here comes the bride...

Hoping you are all having a lovely relaxing Sunday...I have just returned from a quick trip down to the south - west region of Western Australia - our wonderful wine growing country!!  I attended my girlfriend's daughters wedding (got that!). It was the most perfect afternooon - after all the terrible hot weather we have had it was so lovely to feel a little chilly. As I expected my friend J did a wonderful job of coordinating the whole day to perfection. The bride was absolutely stunning in ivory and the attendants wore a beautiful grape colour - just stunning. All the table decorations and floral arrangements were in off-white and pinks - my favourite colors!!

This is part of a beautiful display J had made for the bridal table - it was about 3ft long!

J had covered these vases with tulle then tied them with pink ribbon before filling them with beautiful flowers - such a shabby chic look!

This wonderful love heart was in the foyer of the reception centre - just a hint of what's to come....

Isn't this the most gorgeous wedding cake??? I just lurve it (and it tasted as good as it looks!)