Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Girl!!

My darling little granddaughter Little Miss L turned one on Thursday. She is growing up so fast - not walking yet but sooo close.

 We had a cupcake party for her. Just family - mainly nannas, aunties and cousins. Pop's called in to say 'hello' but left soon after. We are such a rowdy lot!!

Pretty pink table - just my colours!!  Love these napkins... 

Daughter No 1 had made these yummy cupcakes and we made these great cupcake holders. They were a free download from which we printed out then cut and glued them. They are the most gorgeous colours.

Sorry this was a bit blurry - I may have had a champagne by this stage!! We had a beautiful day with lots of cuddles and kisses!!


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blue and green should never be seen!!

I recently found these pretty dinner plates for $2 each. They were also available in red/green combination but I liked the navy/green ones best. The salad plates were $2 each also but the bowls were $5.50 so needless to say I didn't buy them. I'll keep an eye out as they might be reduced later.

I started with a piece of pale green linen-like fabric and navy napkins. 

I couldn't find any candle sticks then suddenly remembered all my white ones are at the beach house so I had to make some little holders out of a small white bowl and a napkin ring to hold the candle up. I used scrapbooking papers to add more navy and green color to the table.

These pale green bowls matched well - they are bigger than I really liked but they will be ok for now(until I get the matching ones on sale!!).

I have such a lot of blue and white china I just borrowed the lovely patterned balls to add to the table. 


For the centre of the table I used a cake stand on a large blue and white platter and topped that with a cute cream and green birdhouse.

My favourite green stemware was perfect. I have had these for years and years and still really love them. It's so good when you buy something like that, don't you think?

 Just another angle!!

Layers of blue and green.....

Tea things ready and waiting at the end of the table. I've placed this cute teapot on a stand with more blue and white china plates.

A bird's eye view of the table.


(I have been having a few problems with Blogger so I hope today things a presented a little better than last week!!)


Monday, April 25, 2011

Anzac Day

Today we celebrated a very special day in Australia. It is Anzac Day - a day when we remember all those men and women who fought to make Australia the wonderful safe place it is today. Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. This year our school principal asked me if I would take the senior students and prepare our ceremony. It was a wonderful experience. With help from the students we organised our guest speaker, chose the music and poems the students read and made the wreath for the ceremony. As I now have a lovely new building to work in with lots of room I made an Anzac Day display which the students loved. The photo is of a friend's husband who fought in Vietnam. The slouch hat also belongs to him. The bugle belongs to my husband's family but sadly we don't know exactly who played it so many years ago. It's so sad when history is lost like that. 


Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Tablescape

 I can't believe it is nearly Easter. Where has the time gone?? I have set a pretty little table for my grandies. The plates are paper but very pretty. I love all the pastel colours around for Easter.

This gorgeous rabbit is new this year. Here in Australia we really don't decorate much for the holidays. Really only Christmas. But I am going to change things around here from now on so this cute bunny was my first white rabbit to have forever.

How cute are these little chickens and rabbits I have placed in polka-dot egg cups. 

I forgot I had this cute teapot but I thought it was perfect to have a cup of tea with my favourite people. The cups are little melamine egg cups. 

Here is a birds eye view of my egg-tree!! I love these little eggs - they are made of plaster and very heavy so I had to balance them really well.

I'm not sure why these little chickens are pink but I'm sure my little grandies won't mind what colour they are!!

Wishing you all a very happy Easter with your loved ones.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lions Safari

I really wanted to share with you a special occasion I attended on Thursday morning. The Lions Club (a community service club) in our nearest town (90 kms away from the farm!) wanted to raise $100,000 to purchase a piece of equipment for our local hospital so called for 100 women to walk 100 kms each. They each paid $1000 to enter then got sponsors to pay back the money to them. Most of them have been training for months for the 4 day hike. They needed to carry their day packs and all their sleeping equipment was transported for them. When they left on Thursday morning they had no idea where they were going. It was really an amazing feeling attending the farewell. Sadly there was only 99 walkers to leave on Thursday as one of the ladies who was out riding her back and training for the walk was hit by a car and killed about a month ago. As you can imagine this was quite emotional for all the walkers when they left on Thursday.
I have talked to a couple of the girls tonight and they have made it back - not all completed the 100kms but most pushed themselves further than they could ever imagine. A truly amazing effort!! Well done to all! 


Monday, April 11, 2011

Home Tour

Today I thought I would show you around the farm house a little. We have been here 33 years (wow, I need a gold medal for that!!) and have done lots of things to make it a home. It is a very humble house which we have extended several times. I must admit though as we are spending more time at the beach house my decorating style is changing. It's a little too hard to start changing too much here though. Hope you enjoy!


Guest Bedroom


Living Room

Main Bedroom





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