Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Familyroom update

I found this cute lamp recently and thought it would look great in our family room and when I recently put it all back together after having new carpet laid it seemed like the perfect time to show it off. I brought in this lovely painting (DNo 2 had given me for a birthday) from the bedroom and these lovely little drawers echoed the painting so well. I knew I had this six-sided candle somewhere in my stash so I just tizzed it up a little with some fabric and twine and the display was done.
It really was time to lighten things up a little now the worst of the winter is over.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Everything blue at the farmhouse

I’m not sure why but I seem to be setting ‘blue’ tables lately. Not that I’m a blue person, in any shape or form but they just seem to be happening!!. I came across these lovely spotted plates recently (on sale, of course) so they just had to come home with me. I love the look of the timber table, burlap runner, woven mats and the twisted willow. Just to bring out the blue I packed blue and white hydrangeas into a little bird cage.
Isn’t it funny how photos change the colours of some things and not others. The candles and wine glasses looked brown in real life but are appearing purple in the photos. Lucky it’s not summer here in Australia because I think the combination of twisted willow and candles wouldn’t really be very safe!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spring cleaning in winter

Today I thought I would share with you some photos of what I’ve been up to at the farm house!!! Hope you can handle this…….I must add that thankfully I finally just about have things sorted. I love my new carpets so it really was worth all the mess – did I just say that????


This is my familyroom before we had the carpet replaced. I know the house doesn’t look to bad at this stage…but wait..


Ha ha, this is our bed!! And our printer…and lots of other junk. See that doll sitting on the chair…that’s me!! My girlfriend made it for me when I turned 50!!! Looks like I’m having a bad hair day!


More junk!! I’m glad to report this chair is now back to normal and not covered with stuff. It is amazing just how much I have either sent to a charity or taken to the dump. Feels good!


Daughter’s bedroom!


Son’s bedroom – this is the roll out shelving from our walk-in robe. Thank goodness we were able to just roll them from room to room. It saved such a lot of work.

There you have it. If you would like to see my familyroom in a better state have a look here and my bedroom usually looks like this.

Hopefully I’ll have photos to share of my nice clean rooms soon.

Back to work tomorrow…


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Paris, here I come!

No,I haven’t been to Paris for my week off…but boy, do I wish I had!! This is an old post I did with these gorgeous French
plates and as I really wanted to join Kathleen’s destination party this week I had to come up with something and this is it!! I hope you all enjoy travelling around the world!
I hope you all had a really wonderful weekend - Mr FH and I went to our beach house again - we are slowly getting it to look like home for us. The weather was very cold but we had our two daughters and their families join us also my sister and her family visit for the first time so we had a lovely night together on Saturday.
I'm joining Mosaic Monday with a few photos of my French table I did last week - I hope you enjoy them..

Have a lovely week,


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Earthy Tablescape

Wow, have I been busy???? I have had my darling little Miss C staying with us at the farm house since last Wednesday. She has  just started crawling so has been checking everything out! As well as that we had new carpet laid in three rooms last Wednesday. The carpet layers walked out just as Miss C was dropped off at Nanny’s! Mr FH had an appointment in the city on Wednesday so we shifted most of the furniture on Tuesday. I had to ask the carpet layers to shift my bed back into my bedroom otherwise I had to sleep on the floor!!!! (The beds in the spare rooms were all covered with everything we had shifted out!). Slowly we have put out house back together. I have been seriously culling everything! Also I have been cleaning and polishing everything to within an inch of it’s life! Tomorrow I’m taking little Miss C up to the city to see her big sister and greet Mum and Dad. I think I am just about organised.
On Thursday I had a short time while my little visitor was sleeping and I was able to set a table for this week. I had purchased these packs of tea towels (I think most of you call them dish towels) a while ago so decided to use them for a nice earthy looking table for a winter’s day. The place mats and centre cloth are from one pack and the napkins are from another pack. I have just used earthy coloured table ware and flatware. The candles are the perfect match – I picked them up from Ikea last week – a pack of 10 candles for 50c!!! I bought some olive green ones too! That was the only colours they had or I would have bought more! Can’t resist a bargain…….

Don’t you just hate it when I notice your flatware hasn’t been lined up! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

This is the second week of my holiday so I’m planning on shopping and having lunch with DNo 1 on Tuesday. Time to relax a little before I’m back at work next Monday.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Impromptu Dinner Party

We went to the beach house for the weekend and had such a lovely time. My mum came with us and DNo1 came for a quick sleepover on Friday night as her husband and two little boys were all away for the night. Saturday saw Mum and I hitting the shops then we got busy… My niece was having a birthday and we were going out for dinner when I decided it was too cold and we could have a much nicer time at home. (Also I could have a champagne or two if I wasn’t driving!!). Suddenly I had to prepare a table (I would much rather do this than cook the meal!)
I had one black  dinner set with a setting for four but we had six guests (actually we had 7 but I didn’t know this when I took the photos) so I just added some white plates and mixed them up a little. I had bought this tablecloth a while ago for about $15 so I started with that. The black flat ware I have used before which you can see here. The cream napkins and clear glassware are always used at the beach house!! I just added a bit of black ribbon for contrast. I quickly drove to KMart and found these cute black lanterns for $5 each. Perfect! Dinner cooked and table set with a little time to sit and relax before the guests arrived!! Easy.
On Sunday after heading out for breakfast we drove to our capital city where Mr FH went to watch the football with our son-in-law. Mum, DNo 1, two grandsons and I had afternoon tea (or Hot Tea as one grandie calls it!) at a nearby rose farm. My daughter is a lovely cook so we enjoyed a wonderful meal then stayed the night and headed home to the farm this morning. Just such a lovely weekend….


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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I’m on holidays!

A couple of weeks ago I spent a day at my sister’s gift shop playing around with all the yummy things she has there!
After working for 2 full days I owed her $225!!!!! How does that happen?? It might be something to do with the four pieces of gorgeous clothing I brought home or the hat I bought for DNo 1 or the mat for the beach house….
I have some quick pictures I took of some displays to share with you. Each time I work there I think I’m going to take some really lovely photos but I just don’t get time. My last few hours are spent running around finding homes for the last few things that really don’t have a home!!
I just love the colours of these cushions…..the cute outdoor chairs are just like the ones I sat on at school!!!
I have decided to enrol in another course for work. Just filling in the self assessment was hard work…225 questions which I’m sure could have been condensed into about 30, I’m sure!! All is good though, I have been accepted and also been lucky enough to receive funding for the whole course so no out of pocket expenses. I’ve been busy trying to get my portfolio sorted. Busy times ahead!
I have finished work today for our mid year holidays. I’m painting my office tomorrow and looking after my gorgeous little 9mth old granddaughter next week for 6 days!!
Until next time…..

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