Monday, November 28, 2011

Candy Stripes

 I was all set yesterday with a post (in my head!!) ready for Seasonal Sunday but it is now Monday night here in Australia so I guess I missed that!! I had a lovely few days in the city with my daughters and their children. I didn’t get much Christmas shopping done but I guess that will happen sometime in the next few weeks!
We have had some strange weather -  finally the rain has stopped so we are able to start our harvest then we had two days of extremely dangerous conditions (you may have heard about the fires at Margaret River) then we had some rain and today it has been perfect for harvest.  I took the opportunity to set a little candy striped table outside before it gets too hot. Mind you the flies just about carried me away!!
There is nothing new on this table. Just bits and bobs I have gathered up from around the house. The flatware is my favourite by far… I also love the napkins folded like that so I could tuck a flower into them…….and the striped cups and saucers are also very cute….in fact these really are my favourite colours.

pink 1

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopping in the city!!

Tomorrow morning I am off to the city!!! Yay!! I am going with Daughter No 2 and her 2 little girls to stay with my eldest daughter, her husband and her 2 little boys!! I’m hoping to get some Christmas shopping done but I also have a Dr’s appointment, a car service, hair appointment and a concert to attend, so I’m thinking the next few days will be a little buzy!
Talking about Christmas…it’s not that far away! I have 3 weeks work left then we have our Christmas holidays for 6 weeks. I plan to spend most of my time at the beach house. I’m hoping my little grandies are able to join me for some of the time.
While out helping Mr FH earlier this week I called by the old farm house on our property and couldn’t believe the colour of the leaves on the grapevine so I brought some home with me to try and dry (it doesn’t work!!) so I thought I would set a quick table using the gorgeous green vine leaves.
I hope you enjoy my simple Christmas table…….
I love the look of the white and brown china with just a little gold and fresh green vines. This is so different to what I am planning for Christmas – just a bit of fun for now!
I think you have seen everything before except these gold candle holders – I can’t believe I’ve never used them!


Monday, November 21, 2011

French cushions

I have been working really hard at home this week. It’s amazing how much you can get done if you stay at home for a while!! We are really busy harvesting on the farm so I have been in and out of the house helping where ever I can!! I have managed to finish one project though!!
When Daughter No 1 had a birthday in August I was making her some cushion covers for her theatre room. As they had just moved into their new home they were using their old brown leather couch until they were able to purchase a new one. We decided some new cushions would be the answer to update the room a little. I had seen a gorgeous brown, cream and yellow den over at Dittle Dattle so we went with that colour scheme. I printed off some French panels (from The Graphics Fairy, I think) and set about making them up. Unfortunately I had used spray adhesive which marked the front panels so I had to redo them. I just wasn’t happy with them so I thought it was best to start again. Well, finally I have them finished. I did have some photos of the fabrics and the printed panels before I made them up but when my laptop died so did the photos!! I followed Marty from A  Stroll Thru Life to put the binding on my cushions – she is a whiz at this!!
I bound all the cushions in brown – it’s a bit hard to see against the brown background. I love this gold and brown fabric I used as a contrast.
I’m off to visit my daughter on Wednesday so I hope she likes these cushions now they are finally finished.


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Monday, November 14, 2011

Harvest time

Finally I’m starting to get back into the swing of things! I decided on Saturday afternoon to set a very calming table with just cream and white. I have had this lovely tablecloth for years so I just placed it over another old white cloth. I gathered up some white and taupe tableware and set about creating a table.
I love how the circles on the napkins are echoed in the dinnerware. Once again I was stuck for a centrepiece (this always happens and as I’m 80kms from a shop I have to make do!!) so I jumped the fence in front of our house into the wheat crop and picked a bunch of rippening wheat. I read on Marty’s blog that she had bought a bunch for $3.49 – wow if only I could sell a small bunch for that!!!
White and taupe – what a restful combination……..
I’m off to work tomorrow to start our Christmas displays – such a nice time of the year.



Sunday, November 13, 2011

All is calm….

After having such a stressful week last week (What is it about computers that send me insane?!) Mr FH and I decided to take a quick trip to the beachhouse. On Sunday morning we went to our favourite coffee shop for Sunday brunch. I just love going out for a leisurely breakfast and the weather was just perfect.

Hopefully, all my computer problems are behind me now and I can catch up with everything I missed over the last week.


Monday, November 7, 2011


Today I am cranky!! Actually I'm starting to feel a little better now. You see, last Thursday night we had a huge storm and lightening struck our satellite internet connection and not only blew that up but my laptop , retic and two-way radio we use on the farm. Not happy Jan!! When I rang to sort out repairs to the internet satellite I was told it could be 6 weeks!!! I felt like I had my arms cut off!! I'm sure most of you can relate to that......
However after many phone calls I have finally found someone to help and I'm now going wireless with another server and I sould be up and running by the weekend so please call back soon and hopefully things will look a little brighter here at the farm house.
See you all soon,