Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spring cleaning

I have been trying to do my spring cleaning...well, I've done one room and I'm on a mission to do a room each week. Sounds good in theory, doesn't it?? This week I cleaned out a guestroom (or DNo2's old bedroom). I still have the wardrobes to go through as they are filled with my summer clothes. I really need to sift through them and transfer the ones I want into my wardrobe and send the rest to charity. I thought I would share some photos of this room with you.

Once again we have pink walls - probably more my choice than my daughter's!! 

This pretty floral quilt sometimes lives on my bed - I love to change things around a bit so I can have a different look without spending any money.

I love this piece of iron work above the bed - it is actually garden art from my sister's nursery but I thought it was perfect above the bed.

The afternoon sun is just peeping through the trees.

A few little pretties on the bedside table. 

I have pretty plates on the walls in many of the rooms of my house - I just love them even if they are looking a bit shabby. (Whoops, looks like my fingers are in this photo! lol)

Lovely bath oils and lotions for guests to enjoy.

More candles on the dresser.

This poor old patchwork ted looks a bit lonely now - he had a smaller brother but SNo 1's dog managed to get inside when I wasn't home oneday and totally wrecked the small bear. 

Have a lovely week,   Suzy


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fabulous Summer Colours

This week I have bought some new dinnerware. Something bright and colourful for summer!!

I set my table with a dark blue cloth to really show up the bright colours.

Very simple summer chargers were used first then a small salad plate under the pasta bowl.

With each set of four pasta bowls I received a gorgeous striped salad bowl or pasta serving bowl. The candle holders were my daughters and I found them in a box of 'goodies' she had left behind from her flatting days in the city.

Pretty blue flatware toned in beautifully with all the colours

These pasta sets were on special for $10.00 - four bowls and a serving bowl for $10.00? - Can't get better than that! So as you can imagine, I can't resist a bargain so I bought 2. But really 8 bowls will be handy -do I sound convincing?????

I've had this gorgeous Mexican looking plate for ages but it fitted in perfectly.

I can' t wait to use this gorgeous salad bowl for summer....


Forest Fires

I have been meaning to take these photos for quite a while..... About three months ago Mr FH and I were on our way along the main highway going to the city when we came across a road block. There was a fire ahead so we had to take a detour. I mean A DETOUR!! Our drive which usually took us 2 hours ended up taking us 4 1/2 hours. Since then I have been looking at this area of forest and thinking how stunning it looks. Australia is known for it's bushfires but this was actually in the middle of winter - that just shows how dry everything is this year. There is a slight green tinge started to peak through and that makes the blackened trunks look very eerie.

Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you all!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Romantic Style

Don't you just love it when you the mailman brings a parcel?? I do. Just look what I received yesterday - this beautiful book called "Romantic Style".

I could move into this gorgeous room within minutes, I'm sure. It is just so pretty.

Candlelight is another of my favourite things too!! It just makes everything look special.

This green fluted sweet plate was a find from our old farm house and the bags of lollies were favours from a wedding we attended. You can see it here.

Pretty floral cups and new books - two of my most favourite things. Another is chocolate - besides my family, of course!!

Look at these gorgeous pink florals - most of these I have picked up at second hand stores or in our old farm house.

I love the way the sunroom walls look through this soft filter - I wish my whole house was like that!

The inside of this book is just as inviting as the cover - I can't put it down. lol


Monday, October 18, 2010

Creamy White Roses

Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend - mine was very busy. I was minding my two grandies so I have come home to the farm to go to work for a rest. Do you ever get that feeling??? This week my table is a very simple afternoon tea table with my favourite Robert Gordon china which you can see here.  I picked the lovely bunch of roses from the wonderful climber which is over an arch near my back door. At the moment it looks a lot like it is snowing here! 



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just head down the Tin Horse Highway

 Last week when Mr FH and I went driving we came to a nearby town which was holding it's annual bush race meeting. The road leading from the town to the race course (held around a lake on a local farm) was very busy when we were there. All along the way there were great displays of tin horses made by the local farmers - hence it has been affectionately named the Tin Horse Highway!

As you can see alot of hard work goes into the masterpieces!! Here's an old horse and carriage.

I think this is one of the locals having a beer.


This display was actually a boom spray machine - you can just see it at the back of the cart part. It would be very slow farming if we had to spray our paddocks like this now.

Large round hay bales have been used for this 'horse'! This was made by the local footy club who had won the premiership this year. The one I loved the most was a horse landing a plane but we were unable to stop to take a photo as we had a semi-trailer driving right behind us!!

Mr FH and I stopped at the local store to buy an icecream and these 'horses' were in a garden across the road!