Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just head down the Tin Horse Highway

 Last week when Mr FH and I went driving we came to a nearby town which was holding it's annual bush race meeting. The road leading from the town to the race course (held around a lake on a local farm) was very busy when we were there. All along the way there were great displays of tin horses made by the local farmers - hence it has been affectionately named the Tin Horse Highway!

As you can see alot of hard work goes into the masterpieces!! Here's an old horse and carriage.

I think this is one of the locals having a beer.


This display was actually a boom spray machine - you can just see it at the back of the cart part. It would be very slow farming if we had to spray our paddocks like this now.

Large round hay bales have been used for this 'horse'! This was made by the local footy club who had won the premiership this year. The one I loved the most was a horse landing a plane but we were unable to stop to take a photo as we had a semi-trailer driving right behind us!!

Mr FH and I stopped at the local store to buy an icecream and these 'horses' were in a garden across the road!



Sunny Simple Life said...

So cute. I love the horses. How wonderful for the kids in the area to get to enjoy all of these.

Ann said...

These creations are fantastic. I love anything that is created from old farm equipment and metals. They are all so unique. Thanks for sharing.

Sherri said...

Adorable!!! I have 'real' horses and these are just too cute.

Anonymous said...

Love all the displays on Tin Horse Hwy!Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

What a cute idea...those are so fun!!

Donnie said...

What cool "horses". Our town did Bears this year and the artistry is so good. I bet they all had fun building them.

CA Verstraete said...

Those are great! We have some metal animals in a field here I keep meaning to get photos of!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Chris Verstraete
Searching for a Starry Night said...

I would love to see these whilst driving along the highway, how cute.