Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seeing spots and stripes

It's a bright sunny day here at the farm house so I thought that called for a bright sunny table.

Layers of gorgeous summer colours. Red, yellow, green and blue.....all mixed together.

These stunning coffee mugs were the start of my table. I actually set this table before Christmas. You see, the coffee mugs were a Christmas present. No for me.....part of the gifts I gave my son and his partner. I thought they could do with some funky mugs like these.

This one says 'HOT' but that was a bit hard to capture in a photo. I had to carefully remove them from their package and set my table then put them back and hope no-one noticed they had been opened. The things we do....

Funky stripes are such fun!!

This mug says 'RELAX' - not sure I need to tell my son to do that!! LOL

I gathered up all my fun coloured candles for the centrepiece and placed them in a box. It looked a bit flat so I had this cute fabric so I lined the box with that. Could be a bit of a fire hazard I think!

How cute are these little fellows??? The colours are the perfect match to the rest of the table.

Plain white bowls (I love this shaped bowl!) are jazzed up with a few bright stickers.

Dishes look so cool all stacked together. If I'd done this years ago I'm sure people would have thought I was mad!

More spots and striped. Thes mugs were from KMart but I thought they were so cute.

The tablecloth was a gold and white linen look one that I have had for ages.

Coffee mugs all lined up waiting to be filled....a bit hot here at the moment for that - the wine glasses are looking a lot more tempting!!

A birdseye view.


                                         I'm joining TablescapeThursday@BetweenNapsonthePorch

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vintage Tabletop

 I decided I needed a completely new look this week at the farm house when I finally took down all the Christmas decorations (usually I have them down by New Year but I'd been too busy swimming and having a great holiday!!). 

I started with this wonderful was made by my cousin and it holds a magnificent book she compiled on our family history. She had the books (13 in total) printed in Sweden then made these fabulous boxes and presented them to us. Just amazing!!

This gorgeous watch is a Rolex which was given to my nan (the one on the box) from my pop on her 21st birthday. I wore the watch on my wedding day. The pearls are also from her - they are falling apart so I think I need to have them restrung.

Five daughters is the heading my cousin chose for the box - my mum (and hers) are part of a family of five girls. Sadly two of them have already passed away. To me the box is just wonderful even without the amazing book inside.

As you know I really don't have much red at the farm house but once you start 'shopping the house' it's amazing just what you can find. 

These glasses are also from my husbands family and the red clock face was a download from Kim @StarshineChic. I have been on the look out for some old clocks but as yet I haven't been lucky.

I placed an old gold and white cup and saucer in my hurricane light. It's not really a favourite of mine but it did match the gold clocks!! No wonder my kids call me Mrs Match!! I placed some old crystal and pearls under my cake dome - Mr FH is sick of it being on my kitchen bench and nearly being knocked off so this will make him happy!!

Aren't these old photos are just so beautiful...we don't see them like that anymore!!

These cute red plates are usually on my bookshelf in the familyroom with a collection of pink cups and saucers but they look so mucher 'redder' with this tablescape.

Another clock face from Kim...

I love things tied up with raffia!! On Boxing Day I tied white linen napkins with raffia to go with my burlap runner and black wire baskets - very French!!

Much better!!
The binoculars are from my husbands family along with the little red maths book. My mum gave me this pretty dome clock for my birthday a couple of years ago. The dome clock on the right was another find in our old farm house. Sadly there really isn't anything much left over there any more.

PS I'm still having problems with my spacing!! Hope to sort it out soon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's black and white.........??

I am still at the farm house - we have the shearers here shearing our sheep so I need to give Mr FH a bit of a hand. Hopefully we will leave tomorrow and go visit our new baby boy and his big brother then onto the beach house for the weekend. This morning DNo 2 and our darling granddaughter are coming to visit so I am really looking forward to that. 
I haven't really had time to make a new tablescape so I had to dive into the photo bank I have and find something I haven't already posted!!

I was recently looking for some funky fabric to make a cushion for DNo1 to go on an old black wrought iron chair she had found in the council cleanup when I saw this black/grey/white piece. I purchased it for her and also for myself for a tablecloth. At $3.00 per metre it made a very cheap tablecloth!

I already had this cute piece of black and white fabric so I quickly made a tablerunner to add to the table.

This is my everyday white china which I matched up with parts of the black dinnerset I purchased a while ago.

Left over black and white fabric was used as napkins along
with plain white napkins and rings.

I bought this cute tray on sale just before Christmas and it was a little bit too grey so I gave it a light spray with black paint. I now have it on the bench at my beach house. Much better this colour!!

I also sprayed this little trug which was a throw out at my sister's gift shop oneday. I just love spray paint but I have to make myself take it slowly and just do fine layers or I end up with things a little messy!!

Black flatware looks so simple and perfect for this table.  A couple of white pillar candle and some white stones fill up the black tray.

Isn't this back and white fabric just the best!! I wish I had bought enough to make a full cloth for the table but I haven't seen it in the shops again.

Once again things look much nicer by candlelight!!!!


(Sorry about the spacing but something seems to be going on here which I can't control!!lol) 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Family Photo Wall

At last I have a new little grandchild...a little baby boy!! He is the second son of DNo 1 and he looks just like his big brother!! My daughter is over the moon as she really wanted two little boys so now she has them - pure joy!!

I have been collecting photos for a photo wall in my bedroom at the beach house (I am home at the farm house today-just until Tuesday I hope!!) and put them up yesterday. I am very pleased with the result. The frames are all white or cream as these are the colours of my quilt cover. We have a feature wall behind the bed which is a little darker so the light colours look nice in there. The wall is between the doorway (on the right) which leads to our ensuite and on the left is our dressingroom. It was just the perfect space to hang the family photos.

As you can see I have a small space left in the top left corner for a photo of our my new grandson!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blue Spotted Sarong

It's time for Tablescape Thursday already - it's hard to believe we are nearly halfway through January.

We have been having a steady flow of visitors here at our beachhouse over the past couple of weeks. I love having this lovely house with lots of room to share with them but it doesn't leave much time to have a look around blogland! 

We had guests for dinner the other night and I was a bit challenged on how to docorate the table. Here at the beachhouse I only have white china and really only white cloths which I used for Christmas. I did have a quick look to see if I could find something really cute and really cheap to start my table but no such luck. 

I did however find these 4 navy blue napkins for $4 so that was going to be it.


Suddenly I remembered this really cute sarong DNo1 had given to me for Christmas. It came with a lovely striped hat and I had not opened it yet so it was perfect for my table.

I still had a stock of white pillar candles left over from Christmas so out they came along with three candle sticks.

Very simple for a relaxing night in the middle of a hot summer.

I have chosen very plain glassware and white china for the beachhouse as it is so simple to decorate with and just needs a little something to give it a lift. I guess I will start bringing a few bits and pieces down from the farm each time I come so I gradually have a supply of pretty tableware to use here. 

A roll of spotted ribbon ($2!!) was just right to tie around the napkins.

This beautiful old cotton cloth I recently found in the old farmhouse was used over and over at Christmas. It is very heavy and came up lovely and white after a few days of soaking and hanging in the sunlight.

As the light faded I lit the candles and everything looked very serene.

Our water feature in the background is just lovely. The sound of water running nearby on a hot night is just like magic.

We are praying for the people of Queensland who have been hit by terrible floods - Australia is a country of many contrasts, flooding one side and we are experiencing fires and dreadful water shortage.

Until next time,