Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Very Special Visitor

I have a very special visitor staying at the farm house.....can you guess who it is??
I thought the old timber might give you a hint - it is my darling little grandson!! He has come to stay with Nanny and Poppy for 4 days as his Mummy and Daddy are in Melbourne on a business trip.

This is the first time he has stayed away from his parents and he is just a dream- as soon as I speak to him his little face just lights up.

This is his special chair - I bought this at a farm sale many years ago and it was covered in chippy white paint - it took me forever to get it all off and now I wish it was still like that!! If only we could see into the future.
As he is staying for a few days I thought I would polish up MrFH's silver christening mug which I have recently found in our old farm house. As you can see it hasn't been cleaned in a very long time so it was impossible to remove all the black from it.

I also found Mr FH's little silver spoon so that has been put back into action too.


No meal would be complete without a matching napkin so I found these pretty paper ones with sheep on for him to use during his little farm holiday.

I has been a real delight to have this little man to hop into bed with me in the morning and have special cuddles with - I will miss him when he goes home tomorrow.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Snakes and Ladders

How long since you have played snakes and ladders??? For me it is a long time but as grandie No 1 is now 15 months I guess it won't be long and it will all start again(I can't wait!!).
While away on my cousin's weekend last weekend one of the girls presented us all with a book (160 pages!!) of our family history. It contains a photo of every person in our family from my grandparents on. It truly is amazing and something I will treasure forever. As well as that she decided to make us a game.....

It is a game of snakes and ladders with 4 snakes and 4 ladders all representing each of the cousins. Mine is fairly easy to pick with 3 shoes, lipstick, quilting memorabilia and school stickers all on the ladder.

She had spent hours gathering together all the little bits and pieces for each person.

This cousin is a tennis player, a footy fan, a gardener and enjoys a cup of tea!

This ladder is for my sister who has the coffee shop, garden centre, is a footy fan and bakes cakes for the shop.

My cousin who 'owns' this snake works in aged care (hence the wheel chair and gloves), likes gardening and has been lucky enough to regularly go on a cruise.

As you can imagine we had many laughs while we played this game - especially after a couple of glasses of wine!! I am trying to think up a fun game for next years trip.

Have a lovely weekend...


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Red Tablescape

Yesterday I gave you a sneak peak at the red tablescape I had put together. I had a lot of fun and as I said yesterday I have learnt to shop the house!

I had bought these cute napkins a couple of weeks ago and they were the start of my table. They were 50c each and the only thing I purchased so I was very pleased to be able to put this together in a colour I don't normally use - it is amazing how china looks so different in other colour combinations.

I have a few pieces of red transferware which I have teamed with some pretty cups and saucers. The white chargers were purchased a few months ago for only $10 each - it is such a shame there were only two in the shop!!

Most of this china was found in second hand shops or kindly given to me by my mum.

I have used pretty red and white tealight candles along the centre of the table.

I just love layering lots of different plates - I think it's just like unwrapping a present to see what's underneath..

The table runner was another piece of fabric from my quilting fabric stash - lucky I am able to use it in tablescapes as I haven't being doing much quilting lately.

Even though I don't drink red wine (my kids tell me I need to practice this!!) I really love these glasses. I bought them a few years ago to use at Christmas.

The clear handled flat ware matches the vellum paper I have covered the tealight candle holders with.

I had this lovely urn given to me for a birthday from a very dear friend and I wanted to use it with the white candles but I couldn't get them to stand up properly so the only thing I could find to use was the dark red apples from the fruit bowl!!

What is it about candle light that makes everything seem so special??


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Monday, May 24, 2010

Seeing Red

Hi, I am back from my weekend away with my cousins and "no" I didn't get cross with any of them... We visited Kalgoorlie which is a very old gold mining town (now a city) and while we were there visited many places of interest.
 We had a tour of the 'red light' district for which the town was famous in the gold rush days of the 1800's. The little shacks are still standing today - very interesting!! There are a lot of beautiful old buildings which I have taken photos of so I hope to bring them to you later. We had the most wonderful family weekend.

Today I am joining Mosaic Monday with some 'red' photos I took of a table I set for lunch last week. I don't have a lot of red in my home so this was quite challenging to say the least.

I have learnt from looking at many other tablescapes that I really need to look around my home with my eyes wide open and it is amazing what I find.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weekend with the girls

I am having a weekend away!! In my family we have 8 girl cousins (I am the youngest!) and a few years ago we decided we would have a girls weekend once a year. This year is our 10th anniversary so we are heading to Kalgoorlie - a city famous for the gold mined around it. I have not been there since I was a child. It will take about 7 hours of driving to get there. We have hired a mini bus which we will drive ourselves - what fun it's going to be....

Every year we try to visit somewhere different and try different things - usually lots of shopping is included.
I am looking forward to seeing all the old building and the many, many pubs - left over from the gold mining hay day.
I will be back on Monday so hopefully I will have some stories to share.
Have a nice weekend...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Tea Time Again

Once again Tuesday has sprung up on us! I am home from work today with a nasty cold so have had a bit of time this morning to set a 'Tea Table for Tuesday'. I wanted to use the top of my vintage Singer sewing machine to set today's table. This is a family heirloom- I received it about 15 years ago but before me it belonged to my mum's aunt. It is one of my most treasured possessions and makes a great little table for two.

I saw this beautiful little rose bud just waiting to be picked... it is a pretty peach colour so I had to shop the house to find china with the right tonings to match.

I have many teapots but not one to match this pretty colour so I have used my silver teaset I received for my 21st birthday (just a few years ago LOL!). The milk jug looks to be scratched but it is just a little frosty from the cold milk.

I love to use different cups when I create a table so I found this pretty peach toned one then I matched it to a lovely rosebud one.

The little teaspoons with the crystal on the end came from a cute giftware shop in Perth a couple of months ago - they were $3 each so I don't think they are really silver or crystal!!!

No cuppa is complete without somehing yummy to eat - shortbread should hit the spot!!

Once again I didn't have napkins that looked just right so I resorted to raiding my quilting cupboard and found this pretty piece of fabric I cut up - I just tucked a crocheted doiley inside to soften the look a little.

Hope you stop by for a cuppa!!


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Sunday, May 16, 2010



I have been busy working at my sister's shop again . I just love playing with all the colours - colours that I normally wouldn't have in my house. It is so tempting when all the new merchandise arrives to bring it all home but thanks to my sister I get my little fix without it costing me a fortune!!

Today I'm spending some time in the garden - it is quite overcast but not cold so it's a good chance to plant seedlings before winter really sets in.


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Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have some exciting news to share with you.......

No, I am not off a romantic holiday to Paris with Mr FH (but I would love to visit Paris oneday...). Mr FH and I have bought a new house!! It is near the beach about 3 hours drive from the farm. We are not leaving the farm just yet (maybe in a few years) but decided we would try to spend part of the week at the farm house and part at our beach house.

The new house is very large and very modern - totally different to the farm house! As you can imagine most of my shabby chic decor will not fit in the new house so I have decided I'm going to decorate it in a French flavour - hence the Eiffel Tower cushions and wirework. This is going to be such a challenge to me as my usual colours are very much pink and green.

I'm hoping you will join me in my decorating journey which I will include here (along with photos from the farm house) and help me when I get stuck!! I have purchased the above cushions to go on my couch but unfortunately that will not be ready for about 6 weeks - I don't know how I can wait that long.

So, look out everyone - Paris here I come!


Footnote: For everyone who asked about my pretty Plumbago post it's proper name is Plumbago Capensis - it is very hardy, frost and drought resistant - in fact you just can't kill it. It does tend to sucker up so it needs to be where there is plenty of room. If I can grow it, anyone can!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lunch on Mother's Day

This week I have set a pretty little Mother's Day table.
I love this cute wire cake stand - I was going to use the cover too but the flowers were just a little too high.

I saw these cute coffee mugs in a shop last week and as they were 'my' colours I just had to have them!!
I thought they made a great start to my Mother's Day table. 

I already had the lovely cupcake plates so I layered them with some blue and white dinner plates.

I used two different sets of flatware - one pink and one blue.

For the napkins I decided to use craft fabric in different colours. I had a bag of blue toned fabrics given to me by a very dear old friend ages ago so dived in there and found four pretty pieces. I also was lucky enough to find a conpleted patchwork square my friend had sewn but not used so I used this for my centrepiece.

I'm joining all the wonderful tea parties around blogland on Tuesday so hope you all enjoy the many Mother's Day tables.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blue Plumbago


Wishing all the mothers around blogland a wonderful day!!

Yesterday when I was returning from my daily walk I aproached our house from a different direction and could not believe how pretty my garden was from the other side!!!
I have two plumbagos flowering at the moment - one is slightly darker than the other - and they were so beautiful just spilling over the fence.

I just love pink, blue and mauve flowers in my garden. Even though yellow really gives the garden a lift I usually only have a soft buttercup yellow which really looks beautiful with mauves and purples.

This plant is about 6ft high - it looks like a wave of beautiful blue water cascading down.

The weather was just perfect yesterday. With mild temps, a gentle breeze and lots of sunshine it was beautiful gardening weather - such a shame I too many other things I had to do.

I have picked you a basket of flowers to enjoy!

I have a Mother's Day tablescape to show you tomorrow - have a lovely day...


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