Sunday, January 6, 2013

Santa’s still here!!

Last night Mr FH and I went to see the final of the Hopman Cup. This is a fabulous tennis tournament that has been held for 25 years in our capital city. We have been before but never to the final……it was fabulous. Serbia were playing Spain. I thought to start with I would be cheering for Serbia but changed my mind as the gorgeous Annabel Medina Greggoria (think that’s how it spelt!) played her heart out and won the singles against Ana Ivanavic. It is a great concept – men’s and ladies singles then mixed doubles. Last nights final came down to the mixed doubles and the underdogs –Spain- came out winners. It was held in our new arena in the centre of the city which was about 1 hours drive from the beach house.  As you can see there was a large crowd….even Santa who happened to be sitting right in front of us! I’m sure he was just about melting as it was just so hot there before it cooled off in the evening. I must admit he was a great landmark when we needed to find our seats again!
Sorry I haven’t posted much – I have been blog hopping to see what’s going on….just lots of relaxing, swimming, reading and eating here!!


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