Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blue Spotted Sarong

It's time for Tablescape Thursday already - it's hard to believe we are nearly halfway through January.

We have been having a steady flow of visitors here at our beachhouse over the past couple of weeks. I love having this lovely house with lots of room to share with them but it doesn't leave much time to have a look around blogland! 

We had guests for dinner the other night and I was a bit challenged on how to docorate the table. Here at the beachhouse I only have white china and really only white cloths which I used for Christmas. I did have a quick look to see if I could find something really cute and really cheap to start my table but no such luck. 

I did however find these 4 navy blue napkins for $4 so that was going to be it.


Suddenly I remembered this really cute sarong DNo1 had given to me for Christmas. It came with a lovely striped hat and I had not opened it yet so it was perfect for my table.

I still had a stock of white pillar candles left over from Christmas so out they came along with three candle sticks.

Very simple for a relaxing night in the middle of a hot summer.

I have chosen very plain glassware and white china for the beachhouse as it is so simple to decorate with and just needs a little something to give it a lift. I guess I will start bringing a few bits and pieces down from the farm each time I come so I gradually have a supply of pretty tableware to use here. 

A roll of spotted ribbon ($2!!) was just right to tie around the napkins.

This beautiful old cotton cloth I recently found in the old farmhouse was used over and over at Christmas. It is very heavy and came up lovely and white after a few days of soaking and hanging in the sunlight.

As the light faded I lit the candles and everything looked very serene.

Our water feature in the background is just lovely. The sound of water running nearby on a hot night is just like magic.

We are praying for the people of Queensland who have been hit by terrible floods - Australia is a country of many contrasts, flooding one side and we are experiencing fires and dreadful water shortage.

Until next time,


Donnie said...

What a lovely and original table you set. The people in Australia are also in my prayers.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Suzy... loved that saraong. It's the perfect runner/centerpiece for your table. Like how you dotted it with the white candles as well. Blue is my favorite color, and blue and white is perfection.

Happy Tablescape Thursday to you...


Sheila :-)

we three dogs and me said...

Do with what you have clever lady. You put on your thinking cap and it became a cosy homey tablescape . The sarong and ribbon did the trick.

Entertaining Women said...

I have always been fascinated by sarongs....yours is wonderful, and it is the perfect accessory for your sophisticated tablescape. The people of Australia will continue in our prayers as you walk through this tragedy with courage. I'm from Oklahoma City; I've never been prouder of my city than when we pulled together after the bombing in 1995. We came out on the other side as a much stronger community. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay