Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Seeing spots and stripes

It's a bright sunny day here at the farm house so I thought that called for a bright sunny table.

Layers of gorgeous summer colours. Red, yellow, green and blue.....all mixed together.

These stunning coffee mugs were the start of my table. I actually set this table before Christmas. You see, the coffee mugs were a Christmas present. No for me.....part of the gifts I gave my son and his partner. I thought they could do with some funky mugs like these.

This one says 'HOT' but that was a bit hard to capture in a photo. I had to carefully remove them from their package and set my table then put them back and hope no-one noticed they had been opened. The things we do....

Funky stripes are such fun!!

This mug says 'RELAX' - not sure I need to tell my son to do that!! LOL

I gathered up all my fun coloured candles for the centrepiece and placed them in a box. It looked a bit flat so I had this cute fabric so I lined the box with that. Could be a bit of a fire hazard I think!

How cute are these little fellows??? The colours are the perfect match to the rest of the table.

Plain white bowls (I love this shaped bowl!) are jazzed up with a few bright stickers.

Dishes look so cool all stacked together. If I'd done this years ago I'm sure people would have thought I was mad!

More spots and striped. Thes mugs were from KMart but I thought they were so cute.

The tablecloth was a gold and white linen look one that I have had for ages.

Coffee mugs all lined up waiting to be filled....a bit hot here at the moment for that - the wine glasses are looking a lot more tempting!!

A birdseye view.


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KathyB. said...

Your explosion of color on the table is just what the doctor ordered for most of us experiencing drab gray days !Festive and warming.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Love your bright, bright table -- a cheerful wakeup while you wait for the coffee to brew.

Marigene said...

All that color makes me smile...most days here have been pretty dreary.

Entertaining Women said...

Wonderful use of color!...Sure to lift spirits during a long winter. Thank you for sharing your design. Cherry Kay

bj said...

WOW...what a burst of color. It is all so WARM, I thought for a second that the seasons had changed while I slept last night. :)))
Such an adorable table.

And, just where do you GET crumpets? They don't sell them at our stores here in West Texas....??