Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Makeover

Wow, I have been busy!!! The weather has been just so hot here it is unbelievable. I think we have had about 10 days of over 34o temperatures - I think that is over the 100 mark for those not in Australia! Too hot anyway, so I've had to resort to a little fiddling in my craft room with the airconditioner on full!

I have been culling out old decorating books and have been ripping out pages of pictures and ideas I like and just ended up with a stack of loose papers when I saw Brenda's (CozyLittleCottage) wonderful inspiration books so I thought I'd have a try.

I started off with a book just like this but with a purple cover so that really set the colour scheme for me.

At $1.95 each I thought these books were great value. I tried (really I did!) to use all my stock paper and letters but I may have bought just one packet of letters.

This is my book with my initials on the front. When DNo 1 and SNo1's girlfriend saw this they just loved it so I have made them one each also one for DNo 2! I'm not sure which one to give each of them so I think I might wrap them then let them choose.

The girls are all keen cooks so I thought they could use them to paste in recipes they have collected. Me, I'm past getting excited about cooking so ideas for the farm house and the beach house will fill mine.

The green covered book I am going to cover ready for my photography class which I hope starts this week.

Happy Monday,

PS I still have my pile of loose pages to paste in!!


♥ Miss Tea said...

What a beautiful transformation! it inspires me to do the same!! love it! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These are really gorgeous! GREAT JOB!

Kathy said...

Hey! This is fantastic! I thought at first you'd do what a lot of others have done and that is rip the cover off revealing the pages then binding books together - love the colorful books - my daughter would too!