Monday, July 11, 2011

Rustic Charm

A couple of months ago one of my dearest friends held a celebration dinner for her husband’s 60th birthday. It was held at their farm on a lovely balmy night. Drinks and nibbles were served in the garden and the 60 guests were then called in for dinner. The family had transformed their double garage into a wonderful dining room. There were 3 long tables all decked out in crisp white cloths and chair covers to match. Silver, black and white balloons floated above on the ceiling. The candle holder were really a work of art – their daughters had scoured the old junk heaps on the farm and found many interesting pieces off old machinery which they used as candle holders. The parts were very rusty so they had them sand blasted then sealed to protect them which helped to show off the gorgeous black and grey finishes. My friend and her family provided and served a beautiful 3 course meal.

Entree was a selection of three dishes - grilled pumpkin and haloumi salad, fresh dates wrapped in proscuitto and yabbies (similar to prawns - we have these in our dams) served in a yummy seafood sauce on avocado.

Main course was a choice of their own lamb stuffed with three different seasonings - yummy!! Lovely roasted vegetables and delicious salads accompanied this. (This course was on the buffet so that's why the presentation doesn't look so good!!)

Dessert was birthday cake, Black Forest cheesecake and strawberries soaked in Grand Marnier. Delicious!!!

This was such a fabulous night!!


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A Perfect Setting said...

That was a good idea! Very appropriate--gosh that garage looks beautiful with the tables and all the decorations! I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves!

Martha said...

What a grand party -- and how clever for the candleholders -- the food looked amazing, too!

Charlotte said...

What a special evening they put together with all those thoughtful touches. The room (garage) was beautifully transformed.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely celebration it must have been and quite delectable. Thanks for sharing a special event.


Tricia said...

Wow, what a fabulous birthday party! I shudder to think of entertaining in MY garage, but this one looks amazing! said...

YUM! Black Forest Cake....what a great table setting

Entertaining Women said...

I'll bet that garage felt really important and special on this beautiful night. The candleholders are outstanding. Thank you for sharing the evening with us. Cherry Kay