Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A day at the hospital

Today I’m feeling a little slow…..Yesterday I took my Mum to the city for some medical appointments. We had stayed at the beach house for the weekend so travelled up to the hospital (about an hour away) ready for our appointment at 9.30am. Well, we had our appointment at 11.50!!!! What a long morning. We came out around 1 o’clock and quickly headed around the corner for her appointment for her hearing aides. Straight back to the hospital for her pre-admission (she is having a shoulder replacement soon) at 2 o’clock and finally after going from room to room and everyone asking the same questions we walked out of the hospital at 4.50! We hadn’t even had lunch until 4 o’clock. If we had known how long we were to wait in the morning we could have fitted some of the pre-admission work in then. So after driving the 300kms home I walked into my house at 8.30pm.
How is your public health system going????
I have lots of housework to do today so I’d better get moving.


Jojo said...

We have private insurance and it is the same story...hurry up and wait. My husband busted his lip on Sunday, went to urgent care for stitches at 11:30am and we got home at 6:30 that evening. It was a very long day and a wasted weekend day.

Kathleen said...

I hope we never get a public health system. It sounds like a nightmare! ER's are a long wait here, but there are several walk in docs where you don't wait long at all.