Monday, October 19, 2009

Hot and horrible on the farm!

Yesterday we had one of those terrible hot, windy days on the farm - the days when you are scared to look towards the horizon in case you can see smoke. All the gorgeous spring flowers were looking so sick - it's unbelievable how just one day can make the garden suffer so much. This morning when I woke I could hear tiny drops of rain on the roof - what a change!

I think I've had enough of summer already - give me autumn and spring any day!!

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Wanda Lee said...

Living in a Northern climate as I do,it's hard to imagine heat so melting and withering that it blithers and wilts flowers! Wow!..,

It's refreshingly cool here now.., We will also likely have a story book, picture post card, white Christmas as well. Yet a holiday picnic, sure would be nice, come January! Come by to see my pre christmas heavenly blue dreamscape if you'd care to, on The Plumed Pen or Silken Purse blogs; cheers!,