Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spring is here!!

Hi girls, It seems spring really has sprung here at the farm house. The crops are all turning a gorgeous golden colour and the weather is getting a little warmer. I feel the need to get out the old paint brush and tizz things up a bit ready for summer. In fact I have been buzy painting my pergola - it is a fabulous soft green colour - I will have pictures to show you once I have finished but it was looking so yucky I can not show you any before pics!!

This is my first post and suddenly I seem to have a blank spot - I thought as I read other blogs that I had some interesting things to tell about my life but hey this seems to be a lot harder than I thought!!

One of my greatest joys is being Nanny to my 7 mth old grandson - he is such a delight - it is so hard to believe he is growing up so quickly. He lives in Perth with Daughter Number 1(DN1) and her husband and I do get to visit him very often considering he is 300km away. Daughter Number 2(DN2) lives with her husband on a farm not far from here so it is lovely to have her so close. Son Number 1(SN1) lives and works in Perth also, with his gorgeous girlfriend. So that just leaves myself and my husband (Mr FH) down on the farm!!

One of my favourite hobbies is rescuing old furniture and painting it up and using it in the farm house. Mr FH just cannot believe some of the "junk" I bring home but it keeps me happy and off the streets so who cares!!!

Must get back to my painting - have a great weekend!


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