Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chocolates and Stilettos

This is a gorgeous calendar my Mum found for me at Christmas. How cool are these pink stilettos? My two most favourite things are shoes and chocolate - I'm sure if I gave up both then I would truly be a millionaire!!

These are my favoutire shoes - I had them when DNo 2 was married last January - I would love to wear them every day but as you can imagine there isn't much call for little beauties like these at the farm house. 

Red shoes are just sooo sexy I think - I can just see myself trotting out in this gorgeous pair. I am sure that if I had a thousand pair of shoes I would still be on the lookout for more - what is it with females and shoes???

My most favourite pair for the summer season here in Australia would just have to be these...

I received this pair from a work colleague at a Christmas party - have you seen anything like these before??
During the Christmas holiday season DNo 1 was home at the farm and we really needed (yes, needed) a chocolate fix and the only ones we had in the house were these - she decided if we just bit off the heels then we would have a wonderful pair of flats - how's that for a crazy idea.
As you can see we decided to keep them whole but I really don't know if I will ever be able to eat them - they are just too cute.


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