Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A day of ups and downs....

Today I'm really feeling a little 'up in the air'. My gorgeous 24 year old son had major surgery on his knee today - this is his 3rd big op so I'm really feeling as most mothers would....stressed. We came up to Perth yesterday to be with him today. We are just about to make our way back into the hospital to check on him then hopefully have a good sleep. Last night was a bit restless as you can imagine.
But tomorrow we are hoping for a much better day - we hope SNo 1 is feeling a lot better and it is also our first grandson's first birthday. So you can see why my emotions are all over that place.
Today while my son had surgery I had a lovely pedicure from one of my favourite beauticians - she really pampered me when I needed it..
We are off back to the farm tomorrow after seeing both our 'boys' (big and little) so I hope to have some nice tablescape photos to share with you soon - these are not in my home but somewhere else!!!!
Be back soon....


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