Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ohh la la!!

Does your heart ever skip a beat when you see something in a shop you just have to have???  Mine did this the other day but lucky for me it was on the 'special' table... I found these fabulous little french plates the other day and just loved them. When I got them home I really didn't have much to go with them so I really had to have a good look around to make this tablescape.

Don't you just love this French poodle out shopping with the girls?

Looks like Pierre has found his girl here on the bench....

I love a shopping bag - signs of a good day!!

I have bought this gorgeous black wrought iron Eiffel Tower ready for the French look in holiday house.

I used black and white ribbon to tie the white flat ware and popped it in this cute little hot pink bucket.

Can you see the fabulous pink shoes I added to the wine glasses - somehow they don't look like shopping shoes to me..

The balck and white striped napkins look great with the black cloth and white placemats - I was going to use my lovely white chargers but the table was just to small and looked to cramped.

These lanterns I already had  in the cupboard - they are actually battery operated so I am keen to see how they look in my pergola. Perhaps I'll try them when the nights are a little warmer.

This is such a nice sunny spot by this window - the sun beats in here a bit on summer mornings but it is a nice warm spot on a winter morning.

I love these lanterns - there are two more, purple and blue. They are actually made out of a very fine fabric not paper so they should last a little longer.

Sorry about the reflection in this shot - I just couldn't seem to get the photo without it.

Hope you'll join me under the Eiffel Tower for lunch.



jninecostumes said...

Lovely Paris inspired table. I love it outside, as if you were on the streets of Paris. Thanks for a great table

Unknown said...

Love your French table, beautiful, beautiful!


Tricia said...

The black and white with pops of hot pink really set off your darling new finds! The whole setting is fabulous!

Barbara said...

What fun! Those black and white striped napkins set everything off so nicely. That looks like a great place to dine.

craftyles said...

I love the little french plates and the pink and black works so well. Cute lanterns also. Love it!

Marigene said...

Cute table, Suzy...the pink, orange and green really stand out when placed over the black dinner plates.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a very sassy table you have created, perfect for the French influence.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

This is so cute -- I love it! Wonderful plates and I especially like those fun lanterns.