Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweet, Sweet William

Once again we have had a busy
week...I am on school holidays so Mr FH and I went to Perth for a few appointments and also to WORK HARD!!!  We have a unit in Perth where our son and his girlfriend live and in March Perth got hit by a freak storm and three rooms of our unit were flooded!! Finally we had all the insurance sorted so it was time to get the new carpets laid..Yippee!! On Thursday we spent the whole day shifting furniture around from room to room. It was pouring with rain outside (I was worried about flooding again!) so we were unable to put anything outside so it was a matter of keeping in front of the carpet layer and just shifting things from room to room. It was hard work but well worth the effort. We came back to the farm last night and I have spent the day today just catching up. We are meeting our daughter and her husband and baby at our local pub for dinner tonight so that will be nice.

I bought myself this pretty bunch of Sweet William from the vegie store on the way home - the colours are just so lovely.

Hope you all have a great weekend - it is cold and miserable here in Australia so I hope you are all enjoying the nice sunny weather.


PS A few people have asked me about the box of china I found - it was in the old farm house where my husbands parents lived so I guess you could say they are family heirlooms!


Kom Achterom said...

OOh the flowers are beautiful!!
Her in the netherlands it is 35 it is far to hot for this country!!
I'm in the house because outsite you can't sit.
ooh my uncle lives in Australia and it is nice to loock at youre site.
I see a glimb from your land.
I wish you a nice and causy weekend

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Your flowers and pretty pink dishes are just gorgeous. So glad you got the carpet done. Hope all the flooding is over. Very hot here, I would love a little bit of cool weather. Have a super weekend. Hugs, Marty