Friday, January 15, 2010

White on white

Boy, do I bounce around .... I have just decided I need more bright colours after seeing all the magnificent tablescapes so I went off and bought myself some colourful china..then I decided to take a few happy snaps around the house and what do I come up with...WHITE!

This is an bunch of cute white silk flowers in DNo 1's bedroom (she left home many years ago but it is still her room!).  I have the walls painted a very soft blue-grey colour so also painted this little tin tub to put the flowers in.
It is a lovely bedroom with an old iron bed I had restored for her - it belonged to Mr FH's granddad and was in very poor condition when we decided to get it fixed.

This is my daughter's first pair of shoes (she is 31 this year!) and they just sit on her bedside table.
They are just so sweet.

I am having so much fun doing mosaics with my photos - I have done a few different ones with the photos of my Christmas decorations and have printed them out and am going to use them as Christmas cards to send next year.

Until next time,



Carol at Serendipity said...

Beautiful mosaics. The shoes are dear. What a good idea for Christmas cards!


Heidi said...

How sweet are those little shoes? It's wonderful that you display them, they are really too cute to have hidden away. Bet they bring back special memories!
Hope you'll stop by sometime. Have a great weekend.
Heidi -Heart and Home

Victoria said...

Wow..these ar so beautiful! Lovely mosaic effect..very creative!! Happy WW!
Here's mine too if you like

Debbie~ said...

Looove your photo mosaics, how fun! If you have a minute come visit my 'First WW', Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs